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Access Control

Access control single door solution

Access control single door solution

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Software controlled proximity badge access control kit with power supply box and proximity controller to handle both sides of one door with any mixture of proximity, keypad, or 'Request to Exit'
  • Software for Windows PC
  • One proximity reader, for the entry side of a door
  • 'Non Touch' request to exit button with remote
  • Emergency break glass to release door in case of fire
  • No electro magnetic lock
  • FREE 90 days support

A perfect solution for your premises internal doors to keep out unwanted intruders, secure control and access to your business and property - see all access granted or denied in reports at the PC and audit system to recognise security issues and possible abuse attempts.

Benefits of this system
With a traditional standalone proximity or fingerprint reader, Being stand-alone you cannot measure what is happening at that door. With our proximity readers you get software to control and report on that reader. You can enrol users at the terminal or the PC (desktop reader is available) and send that membership to the reader from the PC. You can interrogate the system database to see and report on suspicious activity and because systems without software make it difficult to remove lost/stolen tags from being used. You can put access restrictions in place i.e. no access to some employees at certain times.

With most standalone access control systems - if you rip the reader off the wall you can connect the two wires to open the door effectively by-passing the security data as its all held inside the reader. Our range of readers, when connected to a secure control panel, do not hold the data but send the credentials of the tag to the control panel and ask permission box and the control panel (situated on the secure side of the door) activates entry. So thieves have no way to effect entry unless the control panel gets the right credentials from the reader.

Also, with standalone, if a proximity fob is lost you can't delete it or it is cumbersome to do so. OUr solution removes that issue.

The package includes:
  • 12v DC power supply 1.5A in a wall mounted box. Optional battery 12v DC backup can be fitted ir required. Available on-line. 
  • Proximity controller is inside the power supply box
  • Proximity reader with 10 fobs - this reader can be surface or recess mount. This controller can operate NO/NC locks (This means normally open and normally closed  -that means locks that need power to open a door or power to keep a door closed)
  • Green Break Glass - Customer can reset this themselves
  • 'Request to Exit' with 'non touch' technology (REX Button)Remote control button
The 'Request to Exit' is also activated by a remote control keyfob included. No need to walk to the door to grant someone entry or exit.
You have the option of second proximity reader instead of Request to Exit.
Software driven - control door access from one PC - add, delete or restrict access.
Key Features
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