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Brochures and Downloads

TOUCHtime Series

TOUCHtime 1000 Plus Brochure

TOUCHtime 1000 Pro Brochure

TOUCHtime 1000 Ultimate Brochure

TOUCHtime 1000 Sample Time Card

TOUCHtime 1000 Sample Fire Report


TOUCHtime 1200 Plus Brochure

TOUCHtime 1200 Pro Brochure

TOUCHtime 1200 Ultimate Brochure

TOUCHtime 1200 Sample Time Card

TOUCHtime 1200 Sample Fire Report

SOPRANO 500 Series

SOPRANO 500 Plus Brochure

SOPRANO 500 Pro Brochure

SOPRANO 500 Ultimate Brochure

SOPRANO 500 Sample Time Card

SOPRANO 500 Sample Fire Report

ALTO Series

ALTO Plus Brochure

ALTO Pro Brochure

ALTO Ultimate Brochure

ALTO Sample Time Card

ALTO Sample Fire Report


Biotime 300EP Brochure

Biotime 200 Brochure