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Clocking In Machines

Clocking in machine GSM biometric fingerprint | Geotime 100 ‘Pro’

Clocking in Machines - 3G Mobile network GSM/GPRS - Biometric Fingerprint - Geotime 100W
Clocking in Machines - 3G Mobile network GSM/GPRS - Biometric Fingerprint - Geotime 100W
Clocking in Machines - 3G Mobile network GSM/GPRS - Biometric Fingerprint - Geotime 100W
Clocking in Machines - 3G Mobile network GSM/GPRS - Biometric Fingerprint - Geotime 100W
Clocking in Machines - 3G Mobile network GSM/GPRS - Biometric Fingerprint - Geotime 100W

Clocking in machine GSM biometric fingerprint | Geotime 100 ‘Pro’

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Biometric GSM fingerprint clocking in machine that transmits clockings over the mobile network to your internet connected PC. Stops employees clocking each other and gives accurate, reliable time recording results. Proof positive attendance results. FREE Sage Payroll Import, FREE Live attendance Dashboards. FREE software installation, hardware setup, training and 12 months FREE support.
  • Requires a data SIM card - call us.
  • Present a pre-enrolled finger to clock. That is all.
  • GSM model – ideal for remote sites - just add electric and a phone signal
  • Automatically calculates the correct hours or pay for payroll
  • Unlimited shifts, Unlimited Clocking’s per day
  • Multiple reports and report options
  • Auto-deduct for lunch/breaks, clocked/not clocked
  • Auto deduct for lateness early departure
  • Live Attendance Dashboard at any and all PC’s
  • Graphical drag and drop shift rostering
  • FREE Paystandard Payroll import to Sage
  • FREE 12 months support
  • FREE 12 months warranty
  • Fixed IP internet connection required at software install location.

This system uses a SIM and Mobile phone network to send your time and attendance data and will work almost anywhere in the UK that has electric and a mobile phone signal. At the fingerprint clocking in machine, as each person clocks that data is sent to your PC instantly, where the software is installed. You can then view those transactions and produce reports. This version of our time and attendance software has many features of much larger systems at a fraction of the cost. This is a truly remarkable, accurate and reliable system we have been selling for years and the software is GDPR complaint and ISO 27001 approved.


This system requires a Data SIM card which we can supply as part of a managed service.(call for details).  

This terminals will work almost anywhere in the UK so you can monitor employees at the remotest sites.

You must have a fixed IP internet connection where the software is installed, to use this system.

On site supervisors can enrol employees on the clocking in machine with password protected access but are locked out of changing the time - for obvious reasons and all other non relevant functions..

GeoTime 100 GSM features as standard

GeoTime 100 Wifi staff clocking in machine standard features

Please see "Software Comparison" for advanced features.

Example time card

How the terminal works
Just present a pre-enrolled finger to clock. Get an audible message and confirmation on the display of a successful or rejected clocking. 

 You can then add, modify or delete any transactions in your included time & attendance software at your PC.

Biometrc Fingerprint Clocking in machine system flow chart | GeoTime 100 Wifi

    GeoTime 100 Terminal & GSM Device    Time and Attendance software    Payroll Export on CD
   Mounting Backplate     You order the SIM card from us    3 Pin Power Adaptor

Working Hours and Pay

Overtime can be applied by time of day, day of week, after x hours per day, after x hours per week. The software calculates hours worked, sorts pay into standard and overtime - even deducts for any breaks so you don't have to! 

  • Also allows you to add, edit or delete transactions - to restrict too much overtime - easily add transactions for drivers and remote workers.
  • Overtime can be accrued by number of hours worked, by time of day (time band), by shift, day of week and pay period. You can name overtime rates to suit you. 
  • Multi user software option - with user access permissions.
Who Is In Reporting
Run on demand and up-to-date “Who is In” reports from any PC in cases of emergency!  Our Who is In report gives you greater confidence by allowing an instant report if required that can be used as a Fire Roll Call - great for Health and Safety.
Graphical Shift Rostering Calendar
There is no limit to the number of clockings or breaks per shift and you can allocate an employee to a different shift every day. The shift rostering calendar allows you to allocate employees with a click.- by day of the week/department etc.
Lateness Retrieval Facility
The Time Systems UK software has intelligent rounding rules so you only pay for the exact time worked. Round forward/back for late arrivals, long lunches, early departures, lunch not taken - so you only pay for the hours worked.

Live Attendance Dashboard
See in real-time who is on or off the premises - have this utility running on multiple PCs in your company so anyone can see who is 'IN' or 'OUT'.
Reporting Facility
Summary time cards, detailed time cards, fire roll call reports and more! See the reporting tab for full details.

Calculate Pay
Using our Pay Rates feature you can accurately calculate your employees pay without the need for expensive payroll systems. This can be printed directly on time cards for distribution to employees.


    Bi-weekly time card with no location shown

    Bi-weekly time card with location shown

Time card detail reporting
  • Time cards available in with many pay period options, 1 week, 2 week, 4 week, monthly date, end of month or pick your own length pay period.
  • Prints full time card activity report - many different report options - including terminal used, shift applied, and missed clockings. 
  • Reports automatically highlight missed clockings, lateness, sickness, holiday, unauthorised absence, breaks exceeded and early departure etc.
  • Reports highlight lateness in red or bold. 

Time card summary
Prints full time card summary report for any selection - for viewing but mainly to create export for payroll programs. 
Roll call in case of fire
Run automatic, on demand and up-to-date fire roll call reports in cases of emergency. Our fire report gives you greater confidence by allowing an instant roll call if required- great for Health and Safety.
  • The Roll call report automatically documents every transactions as they happen for an accurate, on the spot roll call.
  • Run on multiple PC's each with it own selection of employees.
  • This report can be set to run automatically or on demand.
Who's not 'IN'
Don’t go looking for employees. Get the Live attendance display installed on the PC that requires it or run the ‘who’s not in’ report.
Missed clockings report
Make sure your records are up to date with this report. This way you can be sure  your payroll will be right and not have missing data.
Export & Payroll

Sage payroll import, exporting data to other payroll or HR programs or Excel
There are two types of automated Payroll data entry. those Payroll that can import data and those that have to be opened with a special password and a program to place the data into their database (Sage Payroll)

The 100 version comes complete with PayStandard Software - Our Sage Payroll import program. With a PayStandard payroll link these figures can be imported into Sage Payroll, safe, reliably and automatically.

PayStandard allows you to import all hours worked for all employees into the 'Enter Payments' section in Sage Payroll. This is done with the click of a button, takes seconds to complete and the data entered is then subject to your acceptance or refusal. So you maintain complete control over the matter.

PayStandard can save your payroll department hours of lost time in manual data entry. 

Other payroll packages
You can export your time card and other data from 100 software for use in other payroll packages or Excel spreadsheets.

Export to Excel
The 100 version exports all data to a file in CSV format for use in Excel and almost all known payroll systems.  
  • Automatically calculates the correct figures for payroll.
  • Data can also be exported for use in third party software such as HR and Personnel packages.
  • Print or view information on screen and save reports to disk for later review or use elsewhere.
  • Product Code:
  • Features:
    Fingerprint or Password
  • Connectivity:
    Ethernet to GSM comms box with SIM card (3G),
  • Software Requirements:
    GeoTime 100 software is multi-department, multi-company and can run on a stand-alone PC or networked.
  • PC Requirements:
    Standard Windows Intel-compatible 32 bit or 64 bit processor (Intel, AMD etc.) with no sub-system restrictions.
  • Operating System Requirements:
    Windows 8.1 or 10 (Excluding 10 S), 1GB RAM, 200MB free hard drive space.
  • Restrictions:
    This product is not intended to be used under emulation packages such as WINE, Remote Desktop Solutions, Virtual environments, beta or preview versions of Operating Systems.
  • GDPR:
    GDPR compliant. Does not store finger prints and has features to help your legal retention requirements against your deletion policy/requests, allowing you to delete any and all data in line with your own internal policies.
  • Dimensions:
    Terminal (H x W x D): 145mm x 190mm x 60mm
  • Power supply:
    240v 3 pin adaptor for terminal and for GSM comms box
  • Standards:
    CE, FCC
  • Environment:
    0° - 40° C
  • Fitting:
    Wall mount
  • Communications:
    TCP/IP -10/100 Mbit or WIFI to 3G commsbox
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