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Corporate Solutions

Timestandard is a UK time and attendance solution 

developed not only to give you control now, but in the future when your work rules change. As sure as you are they won’t change - we know from 80+ year’s experience they might and Timestandard will be there, ready to fulfil that need. 

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  • For 50 to 50000 employees

  • Local host or CLOUD. Timestandard is true client server and not adapted.

  • Manage time and money of your most costly resource

  • Provide  accurate and reliable information

  • Link to payroll, reduce rekeying errors, and overpayments 

  • Detailed reporting    

  • No matter what your business requires Timestandard can be customised to handle your most demanding needs

Timestandard is the valuable and preferred business tool for workforce management and there is no limit on the number of clockings per shift.  

All with installation, training and support - the ‘best in class’ support. 

Which do you prefer? - the latest in proven reliable time recording terminals

  • Face recognition

  • Finger

  • Iris

  • Hand

  • Proximity


Some of the software features:- 


Yes, the software is in English and so is the manual and help screens

Works through midnight?


Clocking in  by mobile smartphone or device?

You can enable selected employees to record their attendance from a smart phone or device. To prove attendance the location of the clocking is also recorded. This location is shown on a map when reviewing clockings.

Real time fire roll call 

Our fire roll call module can be viewed at the PC, or printer and by an offsite tablet or PC or smartphone so no-one has to stay in the building waiting for the printer to warm up. You may have this option installed on multiple devices at no extra charge.

Overtime authorisation

Managers can access and if required, approve their own department overtime by individual employee


Web Access Module - (WAM)

From a tablet or laptop, allow employees remote access to

  • See holiday/work balances

  • Make automated holiday or similar leave requests

  • And you can track employees working on remote sites without buying a terminal


Key Personnel Display at PC ‘KPD’

A real time and live display on every PC showing receptionists and managers to see who is in, or out or on leave without leaving their desk.

Employee Self Service

Allow your employees to view their own

  • Time card hours

  • Make holiday/leave requests and relieve HR and managers of that burden.

  • Automatic alerts - Automatic messages to supervisors when employee’s fail to show - so you can plan ahead.

Timestandard is purpose built to improve efficiency in the preparation of payroll hours and the overall management of your workforce. It combines and streamlines multiple HR functions with total flexibility to save time, money and it acts as a centrally accessible library of employee information across your business, making management easier.


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Do you require advanced real-time monitoring of the workforce?

Need total flexibility between job sites but intelligent data handling for calculating payroll?

Want to track mobile employees and remote sites?

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Get all this and more with Timestandard - a powerful workforce management solution.

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