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Data Collection Devices

Data collection is key to the success of any time and attendance system which is why our products comprise a wide range of data collection devices, designed to meet different industry and organisational requirements.

Providing the latest technologies in Advanced Biometric Identification, Hand Geometry, Facial Recognition, Biometric Finger, RFID Proximity and Mag stripe readers: we enable your organisations to choose the right hardware for your environment.


The proof positive technology in Time and Attendance, recording information using biometrics is a highly secure method for data collection.

Using the distinct dimensions of a person’s finger or hand, our biometric solutions provide proof positive accounts of employee attendance. Utilising advanced technology, our solutions map these unique characteristics into an encrypted biometric key; enabling unique identification. This prevents employees clocking for each other and no-one forgets to clock in as the device is on their hand. Also, due to the procedure of biometric mapping and international standards operated by our biometric hardware - our systems ensure that no fingerprints are stored-safeguarding from any privacy or security issues.

An important consideration in biometric time and attendance is its sensitive nature of data collection. In environments with lots of dust, dirt or extreme weather conditions, less robust systems risks unreadable biometrics. Here at Time Systems (UK) Ltd., we provide a robust biometric hand scanner to cope with these challenging environments. Our TOUCHtime 1000 hand scanner copes easily with dirt, dust, and any change to a hands topography- for example resulting from weight loss or cuts/scratches- and it can be fitted outside.

RFID Proximity Technology

In Time and Attendance, Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of wireless non-contact technology- using radio-frequencies to transfer data from an identification device to the data collection terminal, for the purpose of automatic identification.

This ‘Proximity’ technology provides a fast and easy to use method for Time and Attendance collection. Our Proximity terminals can detect the fob or badge within three feet, reducing clocking time and preventing any wear and tear of the terminal.

At Time Systems (UK) Ltd., our proximity identification devices include fobs/tags and badges. With these devices, the proximity technology is imbedded inside a plastic casting, protecting it from any risk of damage, even after constant use. These devices are also waterproof - meaning the technology is protected against harm from the elements and also enabling application in extreme environments.

The speed, ease of use, contactless operation and choice to mix and match identification devices make our SOPRANO 500 systems, a popular choice.

Mag Stripe Technology

This technology, operated by our signature Mag Stripe system ALTO, comprises magnetic stripe cards, which store data on a band of magnetic material on each identification card. Each card is read by the Mag Stripe reader through physical ‘swipe’ contact as well as contactless- through swiping past the reader.

Mag stripe technology is a great low-cost option for Time and Attendance. However, if your organisation requires a system that is waterproof or free from wear and tear- then why not try our SOPRANO 500 proximity systems.