Clocking terminal - Ethernet/cable connection to your network.

Ethernet/cable Connection

To connect the clocking terminal to your network firstly power on the clocking terminal.

Using Ethernet cable, connect the clocking terminal to a network device such as a switch or router.

Device with Buttons

Device without Buttons

  • Depending on the clocking machine either press M/OK, or for any device without buttons tap icon (menu).
  • For the device without buttons, you will need to bring up the keyboard by pressing icon (keyboard)

Log in using the username and password provided in the guide supplied with your clocking terminal.

Once logged you will see the “Main Menu” and navigate to COMM.

- Select “Ethernet” then select “I.P. Address”.

- Turn on the “DHCP”, then you should be able to get the IP address assigned from you router or DHCP server.

Return to the main screen and you should see the LAN icon in the top right now has changed from No Signal to Connected.

No Signal



- You must reserve this IP address on your router or Windows DHCP server as well or DHCP will re-assign this address elsewhere and system will not work.