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Clocking in machine GSM biometric fingerprint | Geotime 100  ‘Pro’

  • Biometric GSM fingerprint clocking in machine that transmits clockings over the mobile network to your internet connected PC. Stops employees clocking each other and gives accurate, reliable time recording results. Proof positive attendance results. FREE Sage Payroll Import, FREE Live attendance Dashboards. FREE software installation, hardware setup, training and 12 months FREE support.

  • Change GUI Theme to dark/light. 100+ options included
  • Requires a data SIM card - call us
  • Present a pre-enrolled finger to clock. That is all
  • GSM model – ideal for remote sites - just add electric and a phone signal
  • Automatically calculates the correct hours or pay for payroll
  • Unlimited shifts, Unlimited Clocking’s per day
  • Everyone can have a different shift every day of a pay period
  • Continental shift patterns in any combination
  • Multiple reports and report options
  • Auto-deduct for lunch/breaks, clocked/not clocked
  • Auto deduct for lateness early departure
  • Live Attendance Dashboard at any and all PC’s
  • Graphical drag and drop shift rostering
  • FREE Paystandard Payroll import to Sage
  • FREE 12 months support
  • FREE 12 months warranty
  • Fixed IP internet connection required at software install location

£768.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Just a small selection of Time Systems UK clocking in solutions clients