Need a Biometric System but No Network Access? Here are some solutions.


GPRS communications option - this is lets the terminal talk to your PC so you don't have to remote sites. 

This technology uses a SIM card to transfer data over the mobile network. Clients have these fitted at remote sites and sit at their PC and see who clocked and when without ever leaving their desk. Availabe with all our terminals.

This is an ultra-reliable communications option. We are market leaders in this technology and have  thousands operating day in - day out, throughout the UK. 

The 'no strings' approach to Time & Attendance - gives you flexibility without a network connection!

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USB Port

Our TOUCHtime 1400 Biometric Finger Time & Attendance system is ideal for sites with no network or no access to the I.T. infrastructure. Fitted with a USB port, this system enables you to transfer your transactions from your terminal(s) to your PC - as easy as that! No need to worry about setting up a network or getting network permissions from the Site Manager - just Plug in and Go. When you're ready to get the transactions for payroll, just connect your USB stick and download the data then transfer to our software at your PC. Also avasilable with Proximity tag terminal.

With a dedicated memory of 50,000 transactions, the TOUCHtime 1400 terminal will store this large number of records for you. So you won't have to worry about downloading transactions every day!

Not restricting you to just USB connection - the TOUCHtime 1400 is also fitted with standard network communications ports. This means that in the future you have the ability to connect to a network and you know that you can still get your records, even if your network is down!

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