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All our systems include Time and Attendance software that provides useful features to help organisations improve workforce efficiency, reduce labour costs, save time, money, and hasten payroll preparation.

Our software comprises advanced Time and Attendance formulae; intelligent rounding rules; flexible pay and overtime rates and unlimited clockings per day - all configured to create flexible Time and Attendance solutions that meet a diverse range of organisational structures and working rules.

We have supplied over 100,000 organisations with our time and attendance systems and products, with over 1.5 million people clock their attendance using our systems multiple times per day.

What we can guarantee about our Time and Attendance software, that others can’t:
  • Our software is fault-tolerant- Always adds up the hours even if there are missed clockings.
  • No stopping each day to ‘process clocking routines’ or confirming workers clockings- our systems let you run your payroll even if supervisors are away!
  • No daily maintenance required- ours allow this at any time- but keeps on working!
  • Our systems do not stop shifts at midnight and start again at 00.01 - they work through midnight just like they do through midday!
  • Our terminals include a special battery backup- so if there is no power - even for 5 years - no clocking transactions can be lost - EVER.
  • We have over 100 collective years’ experience in the industry.
  • Thousands of systems sold.