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Acroprint Model 2200A

Get the New Model 3300A Here.

FREE 250 Clock Cards! FREE 25 slot Card Rack! + FULLY GUARANTEED FOR 1 YEAR

The Acroprint Model 2200A is an easy to use, fully automatic time recorder that has 6 instead of 4 columns. Prints in RED to highlight lateness and can ring a break bell and has fully operational battery backup as standard. This dial face option is a fully automatic time recorder that will most likely accept your existing clock cards.

Simply place the card in the slot and the rest is automatic. A perfect print every time and the card is delivered back automatically.

  • Fully automatic in and out clocking
  • Automatic printing
  • Prints in red to highlight lateness etc
  • Ring tea break signal
  • Automatic BST/GMT changeover
  • Auto re-set after power cut
  • Accepts 17 different types of clock cards.
  • Dial Face