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Metal Clock Card Rack (Std/Nar)

Price (ex VAT): £29.00
(inc VAT): £34.80

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This card rack has 25 Slots (one per clock card).

Takes clock cards is useful for many different time cards subject to below.
This rack is suitable for all clock/time cards up to 72mm wide but must be 173mm tall or taller
or the top of the card will not appear in the slot.

Fire roll call

It is traditional to fit one rack for ‘IN’ and a corresponding one for ‘OUT’. The racks are enabled to be ‘soft’ fitted so they can be removed in emergency.

That way, in case of fire, you can remove the ‘IN’ racks, hold a fire roll call and make a proper audit of who is left in the building. This may help satisfy the Fire Officer and your own health and safety rules

Std/Nar rack details

Racks come in various widths and card length capability.

This rack is suitable for cards that are no wider than 72 mm.

The pocket depth: is 157mm, so the minimum card length is 173 mm. Longer cards are quite acceptable - more of the card will be visible.

Cards do not overlap totally, they are spaced to appear above each other (see the pictures).

Card Rack 920mm (H), 123mm (W), 54mm (D).

Colour: Grey.

Easy to fit - with keyhole style fitting.

One rack for IN and one rack for OUT, useful for a fire roll call and to ease queuing.

Construction: Metal with hammered metal paint finish to resist rusting