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Time Change Instructions

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Time Change Information
Time change dates and instructions for the following time recorders.

In 2020: The Sundays of 29th March and 25th October
In 2021: The Sundays of 28th March and 31st October (Preliminary)
In 2022: The Sundays of 27th March (Preliminary) and 30th October (Preliminary)
Current biometric clocking in machines
GeoFace GeoTime GeoTime Wifi GeoProx ProxTime ProxTime Wifi PalmTrac TouchTime
Current mechanical time recorders
AcroPrint 2400 AcroPrint 3300N Acroprint RJ-385 '86' Clipper
Discontinued biometric clocking in machines
Alto/Alto Pro Soprano 500/600 TouchTime 1200/1400
Mechanical time recorders
AcroPrint 125/150 AcroPrint 175 AcroPrint 200 AcroPrint 395 AcroPrint 420 Amano 6800 Amano 6900 Pix 3000
Seiko TP10/15/20 Seiko 120
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